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Can anyone help find my Transit?

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I ordered a new Transit on January 6th this year. The van has been built and shows sitting in KC since April 15th. Dealer pulled status on my van today and it clearly shows no updates since the day it was built. Others that ordered after me have received their vans. I'm thinking this van has been either stolen off Fords lot, wrecked or sent to the wrong customer. Any help would be appreciated. Told my dealer today, if he couldn't locate my van and provide a delivery date and a picture that the van exists, I'm going to cancel my order next Saturday and go find something else. It's been almost 5 weeks since production date, release date and they still know nothing. I want to post the dealer supplied status report, but I don't know how to post a picture here. The vin is 1FTSW3XG4FKA81237. Hoping someone here knows someone at Ford that can help. First ever new Ford. So far nothing but problems!! If I cancel, I won't be looking for another Ford!!!
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You need to call Ford Customer Service at 800 392-3673. Give them your VIN and tell them you want a update on the delivery of your vehicle. Tell them your dealer has not been able to locate your Transit. They will put a priority on it.

Being a High Roof Transit, it would have to go in a special height rail car for delivery to your regional distribution center and then to your dealer. The holdup may be more of the railroad having the specific rail car coming to your area for delivery.

At this point, the reports won't matter. You have to go up the ladder to Ford to get some action. Unless the dealer calls Ford on their own and helps you out, you have to make that call!

I sent your PM information to a Ford Distribution Group to see if they can get your Transit pulled and delivered via auto convoy instead of rail car/convoy. When they call you, let them know you are using for business purposes and have scheduled installation on some specialized equipment.

If all the other Transits were low roof, they get loaded with other low roofs and F-150s at the plant. Those would get to your dealer faster than a medium or high roof Transit.
The biggest problem is with the railroad and Ford not giving them the heads-up about the larger Transits in time to get more raised height rail cars built and put in use.
Now let's see how fast the rail car gets to your regional distribution center and then your dealer can get it loaded on the auto convoy by touching base with the center and letting them know about your Transit. It should come on a flat or slanted trailer with one to three other vehicles.

You have a rail car number so the dealer can keep tracking it.
From the information I got on the Norfolk Southern route, they dropped off some Transits that were destined for conversion by one of the conversion companies (Explorer Vans). The railroad is doing a lot of circle routes so they may go a east route one way then go north or south and back west heading to the Kansas City plant with the special height rail cars. If you go to Norfolk Southern website, you will see that most of their route goes east, through Springfield, IL towards Ft Wayne, IN. Looks like it then went north and back west towards Chicago.

When my friend in Florida tracked his High Roof Transit, it went a similar route all the way to Ohio, then started south through Kentucky and Tennessee to Atlanta. It was there for 2 to 3 days then went south to Jacksonville, FL and dropping his Transit off near Ft Lauderdale. This became a 11 day trip from the Kansas City plant to Florida. The rail car then went back through Birmingham, then up to St. Louis and finally back to Kansas City plant. A 20 day trip from leaving to getting back to the plant!


As we talked before, your dealer did not take care of your order. He could have designated your Transit to be loaded with his other fleet ordered Transits, but they did not do that. Even when they knew they had other Transits coming via auto convoy, they could have made a call and got it loaded. Not a very good customer oriented dealer in my opinion.
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