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Can anyone help find my Transit?

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I ordered a new Transit on January 6th this year. The van has been built and shows sitting in KC since April 15th. Dealer pulled status on my van today and it clearly shows no updates since the day it was built. Others that ordered after me have received their vans. I'm thinking this van has been either stolen off Fords lot, wrecked or sent to the wrong customer. Any help would be appreciated. Told my dealer today, if he couldn't locate my van and provide a delivery date and a picture that the van exists, I'm going to cancel my order next Saturday and go find something else. It's been almost 5 weeks since production date, release date and they still know nothing. I want to post the dealer supplied status report, but I don't know how to post a picture here. The vin is 1FTSW3XG4FKA81237. Hoping someone here knows someone at Ford that can help. First ever new Ford. So far nothing but problems!! If I cancel, I won't be looking for another Ford!!!
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I feel your pain. Took 20 days after it was built to be loaded on a rail car, then 12 more to be delivered to dealer. Keep after your dealer for the Full History reports, daily. Once it starts to move via the rails, the way points along the track will be mentioned as it passes them.
Hope you receive it soon.

Semper Fi
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