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Cabinets -Build In Flex?

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Building cabinets and shelving -

wood --

Is there need to build in Flex or some Slop ?
so that when van flexes cabinets have some give-

Dont want squeeks or wood/ sheet metal messing up

Using Rivet Nuts/ Bolts to mount to interior sheet metal -

also did you glue wood joints ??
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the only cabinet squeak i've had was a little hard to track down. in addition to bolts through the cabinet backs (into rivnuts in the walls) i have a couple of angle brackets that connect between a rivnut and a cabinet sidewall. it turns out that the junction between the angle bracket and the wooden side was making a huge squawk (like a parrot screeching!) when i'd hit a bump. it turned trips down a concrete-jointed interstate into quite the pleasant experience. ;-) i fixed it at a rest area by simply putting some masking tape between the steel angle bracket and the wood sidewall. hasn't made a peep since. (this was near the end of the passenger-side cabinet that protrudes into the slider opening. i think there's more flex in my cabinets there than elsewhere because there are fewer attachment points.)
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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