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Cabinets -Build In Flex?

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Building cabinets and shelving -

wood --

Is there need to build in Flex or some Slop ?
so that when van flexes cabinets have some give-

Dont want squeeks or wood/ sheet metal messing up

Using Rivet Nuts/ Bolts to mount to interior sheet metal -

also did you glue wood joints ??
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Still trying to decide if I should build cabinets so they float around somewhat -

putting folding counter top at 29 to 30 inches above floor-
to have strength area in correct place - ended up having to use a 2x4
along a 4 foot section of wall behind driver
and a 7 foot section on slider side -
this was the only way I could get wall paneling even and have strength at correct location
for folding Table tops -
I did have some squeaks between wood and metal -
had an idea something like that might happen -
found very early -

I put a thin sheet of polyester matt between wood and metal-
seems to have worked - may use in other locations -

I think this cloth is called Batting -found at cloth store - 1/2 thick -

similar to thinsulate type fluff -
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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