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C33-H connector

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For the upfitter switches. I know somebody sourced a male end for that, but my search was fruitless. Anyone remember where that was posted?
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Did anyone ever find the male connector? I need one of these.

Alarmist, can you confirm that epps' part WPT-750 ain't it?
I think I found it.
Part 3U2Z14S411JBA
Here's to hoping my dealer can get it.
Turns out that was the connector for C33-E. Still hunting for the male side of C33-H.
Peter, positronic found the part # for C33-E, not C33-H.
From the looks of it, seems like it's a necessary cut and splice connection: individual 14AWG male tabs.
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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