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3 weeks till Bentonville Arkansas trip - this will be our first long stay in the van so really trying to prepare everything to not make that trip awful. After driving down the road in the van for 1000 miles I was totally done with my 8020 bed. It shook like ****, was unstable, and now shipping on all their parts is over $100 for some reason so I'm laying down my 8020 sword. 10 series was a poor choice.

I ripped out the entire 8020 bed, and redid it all in 2 hours with 2x4's. I'm MUCH happier about it. Now I can screw the platform down, and build on it. I no longer need the center brace.

No pictures of that since I was pissed off and working quickly.


Under the bed I found some great places to fit the MaxTrax and telescoping ladder.


Got another box of Kilmat to finish up the ceiling before I start adding plywood/insulation.

Goal for Arkansas trip:
  1. Finish back windows
  2. Wire up Titan + external battery to the van
  3. Install tool box cabinet
  4. Finish walls

Strech goals:
  1. Ceiling
  2. Swivel seats
  3. Lagoon desk table
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