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Decided to go all Walter White and go Breaking BAD final episode with this
Folding Bed Bracket -- from Home Depot --

Originally designed to be used for
a bracket that is Nailed into the Roof of a house when
new shingles or whatever is being fixed to a Steep roof angle -

It Holds a thick board the workers STAND ON -
its Adjustable and made from Thick steel --powder coated -

Bracket looks like it can be Easily modified to make a
Simple - Easy - Cheap -
Folding bed that even Waldo cant bend -

The bracket WILL have to be modified to it to work
and I have only put a hour or so of thought into it
but Im Sure it can be made to work easily--

Flat part that would mount to the wall of the van
looks like it was designed to Fit a Transit -

fit in 2 different places that I tried like it was made for it -

The Angle control/ locking device is sweet and a great design -
but will need some modification -

Could Possibly be used as a Folding Step bracket tooo -
but have not put zero thought into step use yet --

AMAZINGLY it comes in ---> RED ZEPPELIN ---> RED -
the color Almost matches Perfectly -

Also comes in Breaking Bad Blue too --

the C angle on the bracket will either have to be straightened out
or cut off --

Here is a link to the bracket -
Look at the Blue one it has better pictures --

I am going to Burn 20% more of my data allotment to post
up these 2 pictures --

I had to get all Artistic with a paper leaf bag and some tape
so you could SEE the bracket using only 2 pictures --
the ruler in the picture is 15 inches long -

(I was also thinking that the Hood Hinges form a 1970 or 80s
model car could work too -- ) oooo
but I would have to get Full On MacGyver for that one -

This top picture is with the bracket at 20 inches above the floor-
Bracket also fit lower but I did not measure height -OOps


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So there is a couple of ways this could work -

Cut Adjusting Rod and AD In aprox 3 inches of metal to extend length of the
Adjuster Rod and make the Center Notch so bed is Level on Flat ground -
then the other 2 Notches could be used to Tilt the bed to make bed Level
if van is leaned to the Left or Right -

the 3 inch metal piece could ether be welded- riveted -or epoxied in place -


2nd-- To make it even More Adjustable -
a plate with Many Notches could be welded - riveted -epoxied to the plate
that already has the 3 notches(holes) in it and No need to cut the Arm at all-
(picture Coarse tooth saw blade )

I am kind of thinking I am going to go with the second option -

then bed can always be level Left or right easily -

Pins on the pivots are close to 3/8 inch thick Solid steel -
Bracket itself is 1/8th thick steel -- powder coated -

Zero slop in pivots - so No Rattling --

will work with bed lengthwise or across the van --

I am going to go with bed lengthwise drivers side -
rear of van -

I looked at Murphy bed brackets and they were $pendy for what you get -
these brackets are $9 each -
and basically same thing but likely Better for van build -

Brackets are rated at Waldo weight man --

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