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Boost gauge and Oil psi gauge anyone?

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Hi- After years of being a loyal GM owner..I Just bought my first Ford. Transit 350 Eco High and Extended length..
Wondering if anyone has installed a boost gauge out there yet? Am i the only one missing the Oil psi gauge as well? I'm one of those guys that wants to know whats going on under the hood at all times on my $40k ride. Please and thank you in advance.
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That's how turbos work. They are amazing. When you need power they compress more and let up through the blow off valve as your speed increases and accelerator eases up. They only create boost under load. Notice no boost in neutral no matter how you Rev. This is way you shouldn't lug a cars transmission. Meaning, riding around in a lower gear than optimum. It may have the power but you're putting a lot of stress on the rods bearings and pistons due to leverage. Keeping it in that sweet spot about 2100-3400 rpm is best for your engine and your happy thoughts.

The bluetooth scanners are awesome and work perfectly with the Torque app. Torque warns you about cheap knockoffs because they don't always work.

I spent 20$ on mine because I wanted the best one. I like it. Amazon has them.
Do you leave your dongle plugged in all the time? What specific sensor or settings in Torque did you use to show boost? I'm got a few ideas to try, tomorrow. One thing I found is the faster sampling (or something similar) is recommended when dealing with boost.
Yes I leave it plugged in. When you add a dial, it then allows you to select which information that dial will monitor. With the vehicle running the list pops up and you scroll through it and select which one you want. The ones highlighted in green and with active data are the ones you can use. I selected boost pressure or vac/boost. You have to look through them to find it but it's there. Could be manifold pressure.

Being a turbo freak for years I just enjoy watching the boost gauge. I will put a tuner on the van once one is readily available and I'd love to hear the turbos spool up all the time. I like it on cold crank you can hear them spooling until the wastegate closes or opens whichever one it is. About 5 seconds you get that awesome whistle. That's the sound of power.

I love all the info available. It's astounding what your cars computer is doing constantly that you don't know about. No wonder cars will go 200 thousand miles easily these days. They're always adjusting everything keeping it just right.
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