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Boost gauge and Oil psi gauge anyone?

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Hi- After years of being a loyal GM owner..I Just bought my first Ford. Transit 350 Eco High and Extended length..
Wondering if anyone has installed a boost gauge out there yet? Am i the only one missing the Oil psi gauge as well? I'm one of those guys that wants to know whats going on under the hood at all times on my $40k ride. Please and thank you in advance.
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it states on the ultra gauge site that it can read boost but not oil psi. Nice looking tool for the $.
i decided to go with an OBD2 plug in off Amazon for a whopping $14 bucks. Its the ELM327 mini. Downloaded the Torque 2 software off google play. bluetooth right to the phone and reads all aspects of the engine in real time (including boost) as well as a trip calc's and a bunch of other stuff. Doesnt show oil psi (or maybe i just havent figured it out yet). It can also scan CEL codes (and tell you what they translate to) as well as reset check engine lights. Nice little tool and i dont have to splice into anything on my new van.
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I borrowed a friends before ordering mine. I used it to scan my father in laws Acura yesterday and diagnose a misfire on a few cylinders. Replaced necessary parts then reset the CEL. Worked great.
Would you mind giving the Amazon seller, or link to the listing? There are so many selling the "same" unit at various prices, AND Amazon pricing is not very stable, AND, reviews indicate that units from some sellers (apparently from different Chinese clone shops, or with different circuit boards) do not function as the others do.

I presume you paid the $5 for the full-featured Torque Pro app? I don't see one labeled Torque 2.

So, for $20, you have a serviceable scan gauge. Nice. I do see advantages of dedicated modules and output screens, but, for your use, and maybe my occasional use, this looks pretty cool.

I think the sellers name was "foseal". And yes I did the torque pro app.
1 - 5 of 54 Posts
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