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2020 High-Extended AWD EcoBoost Cargo with windows
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When you have completed this, you are ready to start thinking about buying parts - but not yet
"When you have completed this, have a nap during milk-and-cookie time." That's legit ELI5. Don't go leaving those parts out. 🍪

It's not critical, but locations might do well to take into account:
1- what route are you /likely/ to take for everything you'll wire into it
2- what enclosure or other stuff (cabinet, fridge, bed, toilet, galley, etc) might go where (the tape thing)
3- will the location you have in mind make charging it or maintaining it more difficult?

Example: place it right behind the driver's seat (access to charging is best), then run wires down the driver's side, up and over the rear door, then back along the passenger's side to a fridge mounted by the slider and you've got some serious voltage issues when the fridge compressor turns on. Yeah... not ELI5... but if it doesn't register in the back of the brain for later purposes then have another cookie and go back to sleep. 😄

Alternatively, just strap it to the wall for now and use extension cords and stuff until you build out more.
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