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Big Dave's Conversion

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I figured I should join the crowd and document my conversion. I picked up my van off the dealer lot just before xmas and quickly threw in some reflective and a bunk with diy cushions. I had a time line for visitation with my son. Three days of construction got me a full queen bunk with room for my huge mountain bikes underneath.

I guess I should throw in some background info. I have been a mountain biker since the early eighties. I have owned a pop up trailer camper, two truck campers, and a mid size fifth wheel. I got tired of paying for diesel fuel, replacing 6 tires every few years, and the horrible gas mileage due to carrying a large box that weighed 4000 pounds.

I got a great trade and was super impressed with the ecoboost reviews. I was looking forward to paying $1 less per gallon and hoped it would get close to 20 mpg. So far, even with my lead foot, I've been getting around 18.

I'm 6 foot 5 inches tall, and I can almost stand up in my mid height van. I can't sit up in the bunk, but there is plenty of room up there for sleeping and I do not have to remove the seats, or lower them, on my bikes in order to get them under the bunk.
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Mountain biker since the early 80's ? (Klunker's) ? what kind of bikes to have (ride) now?
I just looked up a "Surly ice cream truck" I love the blue color,
that's a COOL fat bike!
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