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bidirectional remote start question

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I ordered my van with the bidirectional remote start. Now that it's cold I've been using it. It works fine but I can't figure out why it's considered 'bidirectional'. It's just a little square fob with a single rectangular button. When I google 'ford bidirectional remote start' it comes up with a very different looking remote from that I have and states it works 1000' away. I have to very close to even get it to work. Did I receive the correct thing?
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on ours if you hold down the remote start button for 3 seconds while its running it will honk and you can remove the key it will stay running. The bidirectional has a led in it that blinks green when the remote start is active letting you know it's running. The antenna they installed was not big at all maybe 4''
here is a picture of the bidirectional antenna they installed


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