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I'm using the forum showcase feature since I can edit it on an ongoing basis verses the one day (?) time limit on the forums. Check out the showcase if you're interested ....

? The comments are open on the showcase if you have any questions. ?


If you have any questions about the "fluxed interior" please use the comments section of the showcase.

If you have any questions about the showcase feature you can ask them in this post and I'll try to answer them or to get an answer from the Admins.


There a couple of reasons for taking this approach ....

Most folks just look at the new posts, only read the posts at the bottom and seldom even note what forum they're posted in. If they want to find something they use the search or ask someone else to do it for them. When someone is grocery shopping for ideas they might go to a specific forum and browse through a couple of pages of posts. Most will not go through all 18 pages of the DIYs and Modifications forum. Another issue is that some posts get too long to be able go through from beginning to end like the Airfilter nightmare post.

If EddieZ created a showcase for his info on Torque Pro or his "TURD" and put a link to the showcase in a post with a description that a search could pick up, it might be easier to find and read. The same for surly Bill's recap of the tires that fit.



I know this won't get off the ground anymore that trying to use the stickies did.

But that doesn't mean I can't do this on my own time and my own way .... ;-]

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