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Beefed up Security? Partitions, locks, alarm, etc.

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I recently purchased a 2015 Ford Transit 250 Low Roof 130" cargo van for my video production company. I'd like to increase the security of the cargo area and was hoping I could get some advice from this Transit community. Here are my questions...

1) I plan to add screens to the back windows. Are there particular brands for the screens that are better than others?

2) I'd like to add a partition behind the seats. I don't think having a door will be needed so I'm looking at this one... Any thoughts or experience on whether that's a good choice?

3) In my searching of this forum I found a thread that talked about adding extra locks to the doors. I'm in the US and can't seem to find anyone who does that type of lock install. Are there specific locks or services that I should look for?

4) I'm planning to add a more sophisticated alarm system. Any advice on must-haves when it comes to an alarm system? Glass break sensors, etc.?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice you can share!

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I've not had the experience of carrying high value cargo, and, I'm not going to directly answer your question. But, a look at the philosophy of break-in prevention may be in order. First, any additional locks, visible window grills, and maybe your ad-wrap or signage are going to advertise that there's something inside worth stealing. Second, a criminal attack on your new physical security features will probably cause more damage to the vehicle than garden variety break-in. You may have to weigh relative values of your cargo, against vehicle damage, against insurance coverage and costs.
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