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I have a 130" van 2016. I wanted beds that could quickly be removed. I put L-Track in the floor and modified two folding cots to fit over the wheel wells. The L-Track is used to secure one cot in place. The second cot is folded and stacked on back half of the secured cot.

This leaves the space under the secured cot for storage. Camp chairs and long stuff goes under the cot from the back. A porta-potty fits under the cot during the day and is moved to the space between the front drivers seat and the passengers seat which is also mounted on the L-Track. This make the potty easily available at night.

Sleeping bags are secured with straps on top of the fixed cot with straps so they stay put when traveling. The front half of this cot is left open so we have a place to take a nap. The pillows, etc. are stacked on top of the folded cot.

When the folded cot is opened for night use, there is a 11" space down the middle between the two cots. The van has a medium roof so it's easy to move about.

During the day, this plan leave one side of the van completely open for storage or just sitting around. We have soft luggage that can be slipped under the movable cot. Anything that needs to be secured is tied to the L-Track with movable rings. These are spaced so the legs of the movable cot can fit between them.

I was able to upload one pic that met the restrictions of this forum. I have other pictures on Dropbox.


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