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Bedliner the bottom panels?

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I saw a couple rigs that were fully covered with bedliner recently. And another with just the lower panels. And THAT is what I think we should do. Black out the bottom of the van - basically just the plastic that's already there and blacking that little strip of silver painted below it.

For one thing, that stupid black plastic looks like crap a day after trying to clean it up. More importantly, we're just going to beat the crap out of the lower section no matter what. I'm sure we'll end up with the tree scratches down the whole sides eventually - too much back-road stuff; but the bottom panels will be toast.

So... there was a thread a year ago. And it mentioned this being done by others. And there was some cautionary stuff about rust getting under stuff?

Anyway... anyone have any input? Even if not your own, anything you can point me to? How or why to do it? or not do it?

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following... still looking for options as well. Do you know if any companies in the portland area do this...?
There are a few brands of spray on bed liner companies all over. Line X and Rhino Liner are two that come to mind. The local companies are franchisees - most will spray just about anything you bring them. I have had both of these pro spray in systems done and Line X seems to be superior. But you probably can't go wrong with either brand.
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