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Basket ooo fun ----> grabin stuff

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went to Lowes today - Looked around----> Hours -->
Found some Cool things -

Today was Officially -- Grabbin Stuff Day --

Before going to Lowes I did the audio Tap Test inside
the van - 1 hour + -- Shot video -

SO while I was tappin around I Pulled on a lower wall bracket -
rear - behind wheelwell - Lowish -

bracket had some type of Glue/Foam = Gooo -

Didnt pull that hard - Heard a Snap--- OucH

About a 5 inch long X 1 inch wide glob of Gooo -
Bond Failed Instantly with a snap sound -
like styrofoam breaking- Surprizzed ME -
will discuss Snap in new post -

Anyway Lowes has some different stuff than Home Depot -
picked up some glues because of snap --

Much of the stuff I just got to Look at -
gather some info - study - save time -

LED Sensor Lights are CooL -

Official Basket O Fun Stuff

Spread O Stuff

LED Lights - 2 have motion Sensors --
with just testing in a Room --- Totally Work -

piece of tape /paper disables sensor - OFF -

this 1 Led is sensor light -Bright--about 30k color -
Very Even light pattern - 8 foot circle @ 7 feet
Great Gittin in your van light

Sencer -
Keep moving Light Stays ON -
sit Still =goes Off in 10 seconds -
Very COOL Happy Camper-- Keeper for sure ---

This light is Not as Bright -3 smalish 5000k white leds -
I can see this light being useful- Could make a Sweet floor
no trippiN mood light Ish -

This is a Touch On/OFF light -
2 metal touch pins - touch pins light comes ON Instantly-
Hold finger on pins 1 second light goes OFF --
Leds Rotate about 80 degrees - Aim it -
Wall/desk/ Mood light -
beam bright in middle fall off Quickly=
Kind of Soft Spotlight -

same 3 Led 5000K white light same light output as above-

Well Im tired so you have to wait for the Further Adventures of STUFF-
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