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Best bed design I have seen -

Easy - Simple
Folds ups
Movable / Removable -
Light weight

I have a similar folding bed but I am going to try this
and make sure it works and likely redo my bed to this design -

Designer is a Expediter with 500k miles in his sprinter
He came up with this bed so he could sleep Over pallets/cargo-

His shower design is also Very good / whole van is full of Great Ideas-

Watch video below

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The shower design is a refinement of other PVC frames I've seen. Never struck me that one could just make your own shower pan; that could eliminate some design challenges. The folding, strap-hung bed could be a good solution, as well.

Now, that second-story mess on the hitch receiver -- that's an accident waiting to happen!

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I made a fold up murphy style bed that runs along drivers side wall-
has fold down table mounted to bed base bed -

when folded up bed is 1 ft thick - folded down its 36"wide 79" long- 21" high

bolted to read door column and van side with plywood L
bed works good - can travel with bed down -

built bed first and then removed from van to finish the other cabinets-

But after seeing the video and how stable the bed was think
Im going to change to this bed design -

going to try it anyways -

had considered a hanging bed similar to this one but figured it must not work
because I had not seen anyone have one - must be some problem -

this mans design has a rope attachment at the Middle of the bed
to hold bed in place when unfolded -- that rope is what makes this bed work good-
pretty slick design -- simple- easy - foldable -adjustable - movable- removable -light
with a little upgrade it will look nice -

Im going to add a rope that goes from bed to floor so I can travel with bed down -

the stuff on a pole -- I dont want to follow him -
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