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Auxiliary wiring and fuses

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I'm trying to get a handle on how to wire aux devices, such as a 12v socket and digital voltmeter, but the BEMM guide is quite confusing to me. It says to never connect anything to the battery, but rather only to the customer connection points. But I think there are more spare fuses than customer connection points, aren't there? Am I supposed to wire directly into the fuse box?
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Wow - great setup! So I'm understanding right, all of the new outlets will be sharing the same 20A load as the one you've tapped off of, correct?

If I wanted an individual fuse for my install and DIDNT want to use the 60A CCPs for this job, is there a way to wire into the factory fuse box without tapping off of existing wires?

Why does the BEMM guide say to not tap into factory wires? It seems pretty common place AND it seems like the only way to go about certain installs.
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