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I just received my T-150 and am familiarizing myself with everything. I am wondering if anyone has successfully set their van to unlock either when you turn the vehicle off, or put in in park?

If I edit the settings under Convenience>Locks I have 3 options:
• Autolock
• Autounlock
• Global Unlock

I have tried every combination of these three, but no matter what when I go to drop the kids off at school and they want to pull the sliding door open, I have to manually press the unlock button on my door to let them out. When I put the car back in drive and get above about 5mph the doors lock again. I know I could turn off auto lock, but I like the idea of the doors all locking when I get moving even if someone forgot to do it themselves.

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I am carting around kids most of the time. Sometimes I am not getting out of my seat and just dropping them off, and sometimes I need to get out of my seat and walk to the cabin to unbuckle baby seats and what have you. I guess I just have to get in the habit of manually pressing the unlock button when I put the car in park.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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