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I just received my T-150 and am familiarizing myself with everything. I am wondering if anyone has successfully set their van to unlock either when you turn the vehicle off, or put in in park?

If I edit the settings under Convenience>Locks I have 3 options:
• Autolock
• Autounlock
• Global Unlock

I have tried every combination of these three, but no matter what when I go to drop the kids off at school and they want to pull the sliding door open, I have to manually press the unlock button on my door to let them out. When I put the car back in drive and get above about 5mph the doors lock again. I know I could turn off auto lock, but I like the idea of the doors all locking when I get moving even if someone forgot to do it themselves.

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It auto unlocks when you turn off the ignition and open the driver door.

Personally I don't like Park unlock because it presents a danger when stopping in a parking lot or whatever making me less safe and I'd hate to have to shoot someone trying to jump in the van.
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Yeah, it's amazing what we want these days. I'm always hoping for mind reader device that will do what I want but pressing a button will have to suffice.

At least it's not like the old days of lean over far as you can to pull up the lock knob and have to unbuckle seat belt to get that extra reach.

Probably would be easier if the unlock button was closer.
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