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Auto head lights

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Never noticed that 'auto' headlights were a frigging option on the sheet (thought they were standard) until after I took delivery of my custom ordered Transit or I would have got them.

Totally annoying that I have to manually adjust my lights.

Auto lights should be standard on all vehicles as I enjoy on my Hondas

Anyway, is there an 'easy' way to add them?

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Ah, yes...tricky, tricky. The "Autolamp with rain sensing wipers" is stand alone option 18B. It's on page 5 of the Major Product Features list.

The very first line on Exterior Options...I actually saw it, but also assumed that Autolamp was standard and the rain sensing part was the additional goody.

I have it on my F-150, but not on my work van...oh well, no big deal.
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