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are there curtain air bags on your cargo van?

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Has anyone gotten side CURTAIN airbags on a cargo van, on purpose or unexpectedly?

The 2016 Transit Order guide strangely implies that side curtain airbags are included with most seat configurations, even on a cargo van. Ie. for option 21L: "Pewter (grey) Cloth, 2-way manual (fore/aft/recline) driver and front- passenger, driver-side and front-passenger-side front airbags, inboard armrests and driver-side manual lumbar. Includes Side Curtain Airbags."

But they wouldn't put curtain airbags in a cargo van, would they? Are they talking about the passenger wagons only, and neglected to add a footnote that curtain airbags are not available in any cargo van?

I'm about to order a 2016 Transit (short, low roof, 250T cargo van to be upfitted by sports mobile). Side air bags for the front seats wouldn't be a problem. But CURTAIN airbags behind the front seat would be a problem for the interior conversion.

There is option 21C also, specifically excluding curtain airbags, but it says late availability (which I'm worried about), and I'm guessing that curtain airbags wouldn't come with a cargo van anyway. But I wanted to check with you all.

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I have the HR Transit van and I have airbags above the front doors and built into the driver and passenger seats.
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