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April 2016 - 14,381 sales

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14,381 Transits sold in April 2016.

Roughly 170K annual rate - looks like a decent success.

Hopefully that means Ford gives Transit more attention when it comes to options.
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But who's buying them?

I see Transits frequently up here, but just about all of them are commercial. Seems like they're being marketed and sold as commercial vehicles that consumers may also want, rather than something aimed towards consumers. Unless that changes I doubt you'll see the options consumer models get.
Exactly that. When Ford can outsell all the competition combined there is no need to commit resources to the non-commercial market segment. Remember, for 30 years they never advertised the E series. Not the way to move consumer goods, if that's one's intention. Of course, the E series was such a pig to drive in town, I suspect they were embarrassed to sell them as daily drivers. The Transit is so much nicer, maybe things will change. Can anyone recall a Transit ad aimed at the personal use crowd?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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