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APC Back-UPS for House Power ?

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I am just throwing this out there as a Idea -

I have no clue if this would work or not -

Hopefully someone here knows more about APC and can
give some input on this idea--

End goal is to have Pure Sine Wave Inverter and AMG Battery
charger in One unit -sized correctly for van solar -

while researching for van electric parts I noticed that APC Backup
for office computer are very cheap - New -home/office -

found a used Very High Quality Enterprise APC for $30-craigslist

These APC provide Pure Sine Wave and many were +1800 watts/110 volt
and +2000 watts surge -most had 6 to 10 plugins -110v

High Quality - made to power electronics -
displays that are nice with specific battery details etc -

Also the APC has a Built in Battery Charger -

Charger is made to charge AMG batteries --Nice -

if the charger is powerful enough it could be sufficient
and Maybe be Perfect for solar on a van -

So maybe possible to get AMG battery charger and Pure sine wave inverter
in One unit ?????

Large Batteries mounted separately -

I have no clue if this is would work or not -

I have never touched a APC in person but I understand what they do-

Input into the APC is 110 volt AC -- Problem --

SO panel power needs to be converted to 110V AC at Some point -->
for APC operate - but possibly not - ?

Also noticed -

Some of the newer solar panels have a 110 volt Inverter built into
the back of the solar panel ---

So Panel power is 110v AC straight out of the panel and Smaller wire
is used -- Sweet --

Thoughts ?
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Everything Orton said, plus: The micro inverters mounted to the back of solar panels are specifically designed to sync with a electric grid sine wave source. You need a source, otherwise they do not work. I have no idea if the output of a sine wave inverter can be used as that source. I do not believe they are designed to accept power going into the output. You might just burn it up.
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