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APC Back-UPS for House Power ?

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I am just throwing this out there as a Idea -

I have no clue if this would work or not -

Hopefully someone here knows more about APC and can
give some input on this idea--

End goal is to have Pure Sine Wave Inverter and AMG Battery
charger in One unit -sized correctly for van solar -

while researching for van electric parts I noticed that APC Backup
for office computer are very cheap - New -home/office -

found a used Very High Quality Enterprise APC for $30-craigslist

These APC provide Pure Sine Wave and many were +1800 watts/110 volt
and +2000 watts surge -most had 6 to 10 plugins -110v

High Quality - made to power electronics -
displays that are nice with specific battery details etc -

Also the APC has a Built in Battery Charger -

Charger is made to charge AMG batteries --Nice -

if the charger is powerful enough it could be sufficient
and Maybe be Perfect for solar on a van -

So maybe possible to get AMG battery charger and Pure sine wave inverter
in One unit ?????

Large Batteries mounted separately -

I have no clue if this is would work or not -

I have never touched a APC in person but I understand what they do-

Input into the APC is 110 volt AC -- Problem --

SO panel power needs to be converted to 110V AC at Some point -->
for APC operate - but possibly not - ?

Also noticed -

Some of the newer solar panels have a 110 volt Inverter built into
the back of the solar panel ---

So Panel power is 110v AC straight out of the panel and Smaller wire
is used -- Sweet --

Thoughts ?
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You should be able to use the sine wave inverter. The batteries are typically small like 15Ah and are designed to operate for a short period of time (30 mins - 2 hrs). Also, there is a control board connected to inverter so you will need to figure out how to disable it. Maybe you can figure out how to mount the other solar control circuitry inside the box since you won't need the battery and charger.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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