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Anyone know of a 24v to 12v converter that does not run very hot?

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I have been testing my electrical system and my Air Conditioner and my 24-12v converter gets up to 115 degrees on the outside case. The fan inside it never turns on. I'm pulling about 40-50 amps 12v from it. It is rated for up to 85 amps and 70amps continuous so I'm not near the max.
BTW it is a Victron Orion 24/12-70 converter.
Does anyone know of another converter maybe rated for more power that would run cooler at 40-50 amps?

My other option is to open it up and put in in a custom case with heat sink and a larger fan that runs on a low quiet setting like a computer fan and just have the fan on anytime is it running.

Thank you for any comments or ideas you may have.