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Anyone Install Shore power to rear bumper?

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Has anyone installed their 30 amp shore power plug to their rear bumper? I was thinking about looking into installing my 30 amp shore power to the back of my bumper next to my hitch 7 way plug. Im thinking it may be a good way to stay stealth and keep from installing shore power inlet to body side. One thing that concerns me is being able to make it water tight. Pros and cons are welcome. Thanks
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I mounted the same square plastic connection that brossman shows in the location that Geo shows. I put a white version of the square plastic plug under the van in the existing square hole. It was very tedious to get it to fit and held tight.

The problem is now when there is ice and snow on the van any melting seems to run right to that socket. The plug occasionally freezes and I need to take a heat gun and warm it up before I can disconnect. While I like the hidden nature of the plug location, I think some of the inconveniences of having it below might outweigh the conveniences and the visible nature of having it on the bumper.

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@Muvybuf How did you get the cabling to the inner hole? My 2018 has a bulk head between the outer and inner hole.
It may have been suggested already but there are some rubber "plugs" under the rear of the van near the wheels. There are square ones and round ones.
I removed the square one to gain access to the round one and it allowed me to feed a 12ga extension cord through. Coincidentally enough, I had a diy tarp grommet (blue) that was a perfect fit and provided abrasion resistance. Once in the van, I pulled it through the various cavities until I reached the front destination. Then I re-terminated the cord with a female end.
Also used zip ties to provide strain relief and black rtv to seal around the hole.
I made the cord long enough to tuck up into the bumper when not in use and also ordered one of those plastic "prong cover" caps to keep it clean while driving.
May as well take this opportunity to insulate inside that cavity since it runs "open" from the bottom of the van to the very top where it curves toward the 3rd brake light/camera cavity.
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OK, my turn at bat. Lots of good ideas so far - thanks for all the ideas that got me to this point!

The only inlets I saw in this thread that addressed my water ingress concerns were really expensive... but I found this one with a proper cable grommet orifice :eek:, just like what everyone uses for their solar ports.
I also like that it's the TT-30 style plug so when (not if) I drive away plugged in, I don't rip too much apart from my van.

My questions is what 10/3 cable can I use? There are two different ones I'm looking at, but they have different wattage ratings (because of the plug on the front). Does it matter which one I get or will either 10/3 work? - 1875 watts - 3750 watts

They're both SJTW but that second one looks hella thick. I'll be running close to 3000 watts, so I don't want to cut corners.

Also, how many feet of cable are people getting to go from their inlets to kinda near the driver - 10? 15? 25?


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