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Anyone Install Shore power to rear bumper?

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Has anyone installed their 30 amp shore power plug to their rear bumper? I was thinking about looking into installing my 30 amp shore power to the back of my bumper next to my hitch 7 way plug. Im thinking it may be a good way to stay stealth and keep from installing shore power inlet to body side. One thing that concerns me is being able to make it water tight. Pros and cons are welcome. Thanks
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How did you make sure the back of the unit is water proof? the black sleeve isn't water tight. Silicon added? thanks
There is a rubber boot on the back of the inlet. I have smooth round extension cord type cable running into the inlet through the boot. The fit is very snug. I believe it is going to be fine. Time will tell. I did not put any sealant on it.

Also, I drove around for a couple of months after installing the inlet in the bumper, but before getting it wired. The boot was on during this time but there was no wire installed through it. So it was open. When I went to install the wire, I expected to find it full of road debris or see that it was corroded. It looked fine.
Very nice install....... I really like this idea.....
Where did you make entry into the inside of van with wiring?
Just forward of the bumper, underneath the van, are some openings with rubber plugs. A couple of these lead up into the interior of the van into the side wall. Very easy to find.
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