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Anyone install L Track in ceiling of a wagon?

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Now that I'm done with my platform bed I'm looking to use some of the space above my head. I have a 15 passenger medium roof wagon that will be a part time people mover and part time camper for the family. I cannot do anything permanent but am looking for a way to carry fly rods and/or camping mats (air mattresses - 20" wide by 6ft long). I am unable to use the sidewalls above my head because of the air ducts and airbags so I am starting to look at the ceiling. Has anyone attached L Track or something similar to the celing of a wagon or van? Anything to look out for? Whatever I do will need to be tucked up close to the ceiling as not to impede the airbags if they deploy. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Thanks Dave, your site has been tremendously helpful. I used your idea on the rear door handle and am currently reading up on your reflectix window shades. Thank you for all the time you spend detailing your build. I was hoping that someone with a wagon has already tackled this idea as I have to deal with the airbags and venting issues.
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Are there any concerns about using the ribs to support // be load bearing? i was thinking about hanging surfboards from the roof ribs and distibuting, lets say 50 pounds of weight, across all three ribs.

Nevermind - i found more info here:
Fargy, please post photos if you end up installing L Track in the ceiling. I plan to do that as well but the snow here in VT has brought my conversion to a halt for now. Good luck and hope it all works out.
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