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Anyone in South Florida needing...

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insulation for van? Prodex 700 sq feet

or a 2017 Van Tred extended rubber floor mat (with channel rubber)... I can return it but no sense if someone in area should happen to be on and need one.

My van purchase fell through as the wrong vehicle wasn't glitch or FORD changes IDK.
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WOW. not that this is good but I feel somewhat better knowing I'm not the only one is this predicament. I thought about ordering and picking up in KS but still have to go through a dealer. Also it would be the dead of winter and I'm not driving in ice and snow ever again if I can help it! hahah

I also don't know how to fill in the Survey on how the dealer did. I'm wondering at what point they knew it was the wrong vehicle yet they still almost got me to take it!

Waiting on the RMA for the van tred...can't keep it around for 3 months even if I order another van.... I haven't received the van tred yet...and was hoping to get the RMA before and convince the delivery guy to take it back? Doubt it.

I found out I cannot return the insulation :( sigh. Big difference in "losing" $300 vs $53,000 on something I didn't order nor want.

Vastly disappointed...but GOD... this is His world and I'm trusting in Him.

Thanks I'll go back online and try to reorder and pick that dealership...
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Thanks Joe. Just talked to Ken he sounds like a true old school gentleman. I'm ordering asap through him!
Follow the correct steps when ordering or you may still not get the Transit you want!

Use the 2017 Ford Transit Order Guide USING THE CODES & DESCRIPTIONS to make up your order form......This is what the dealer inputs to create the order
Look at their final copy and GET A COPY OF THEIR INPUT TO FORD........WITH DEALER CODE & ORDER NUMBER....this shows what the dealer ordered, NOT what they tell you
You should get a VIN & PROJECTED BUILD DATE within the first 2 weeks OR dealer will get a message from Ford on problems with the order
Yep Yep and Yep. I used the dealer's options sheet, made my hand printed order from that, complete with codes. Salesman took that and provided a VOC and I double checked it against my hand printed sheet. Then took the VOC to the office, stood and checked items off as salesman and "orderer" verified ordered on computer screen, on a few things I had caught wrong, they fixed. Printed off computer screen order which I signed (BUT DID NOT RECEIVE A COPY! I realize now.) They said they were having problems because Ford dropped the code numbers from the onscreen ordering. ????? So we had to read off the actual descriptions.

Later received the Window Tag, verified it, received VIN and Van order number.

What came in under those numbers is NOT what was on the VOC / handprinted orders. I mean, I had a 3.31 limted slip axle on the Window tag and the van has a 4.10.... little things like that :D

The van had the same VIN and order numbers. Did not have the same ordered items.

Not sure what went on, Doesn't matter. What matters is God prevented me from taking possession (did not even test drive it.)

I am reordering my Mulligan (with better options chosen now I think) through another dealer (thanks to JHTransit). ahahah maybe that's the name of my new van 2!
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Can you send me the full VIN from the Transit you ordered from Plantation Ford and what was wrong with the order? I tried to look at their inventory and with it being a SPECIAL ORDER vehicle I cannot pull it up on their inventory.
I can but I really don't want to cause any further issues, they were quite nice. Maybe not good at ordering but... I really don't want to denigrate or find fault.
Just send the VIN to me via PM. I want to see if the order was a problem with Ford, the dealer, or BOTH. Not trying to be critical, but if there is a problem, it needs to be addressed and corrected even before you order again.
Rats having trouble locating it now... it used to be on my signature but I removed the details in my siggy. :(

HKA16455 is one continuing tag
I had the thing memorized because the first letters I had anagram for... sigh
If you have your original order form with what you ordered (wanted) I need that too. Have your VIN now and want to see what happened.

So far, your window sticker shows the 3.31 limited slip axle on the vehicle so wonder how you are coming up with the 4.10 axle.
Yep the van that came is has a 4.1 and wheel moulding which I didn't order... among the other things different...
It was up on their website earlier, guess they sold it.

It was advertised by them also as an extended length... but there was barely 2' (maybe only 18") behind the rear wheels.... and also it said it was vinyl but I think it was cloth (my friend also thought the seats were cloth).

Oh well. Thank God I didn't take possession or I would still be very unhappy,

Now, not so much :D
The W3X body code is for a T-350 HR 148" Extended Body Transit. Wished there were pictures of this Transit.

What came up to find out about the 4.10 rear axle?
It was on something they had of what was on the van, but I only noticed it "in my mind" later because the windows were the main issue right then. I did ask for a copy of the details of the van when I was signing, as it was all blank and they said it's "never on the form"... and I was reminded that I saw it after I saw last night/early this morning it up for sale on their (and other sites) as a 4.10.
I just sent my "build and price" decisions to the new dealer salesman...and he called and three times we had to go through the onsite "build and price" together to get the same figures and builds.

One issue was that his program build and price includes delivery fee.

I know the W3X means EL so it should not have come in as a "long" which is what it appears to have been.
I could kick myself for not taking a picture then, and have thought about it because of the color, can't find it in pics. They put a pic up on their site for it's sale..and I still didn't download it. They sold isn't posted anymore... it was definitely only LONG.

They're an hour north of me anyway...maybe you could view it by satellite if it's still on the lot?

I've been "building" my van for nearly 2 years... and have 4 books of "plans" regarding how to fit my stuff in hahaha I knew it wasn't long enough.
I thought I had a pic for you.... I had included it from their website, the write up page with picture when they posted it for sale... sent it to the friend that went up with me... but all the pic has now is the FORD logo and contact info. Sorry.

I used google map satellite & street level too but can't see it anywhere on their property.

NOW anyone needing that VAN TRED EL ???? I received it...waiting on RMA to send 'er back... my new van I'm ordering I dropped the rear ac so I can have Ford put the liner in.
google earth street view rarely, if ever, updates there street view photos! chances are what you see on street view is over a year old. if you want up to date satellite photos you have to pay for them!
I know that to be true in the past. However, for whatever reason (the government?) I check about once every 2 months and it's keeping up to date... I check my community and note placement of fences, trucks, tree cropping (illegal) etc just to see how fast it's watching our movements and it seems almost daily! Scary.

Now with the internet gone to our enemies...well... there won't be much of our checking in the future, nor complaining. Who knows?
its the scientists, they want to study global warming and how south florida becomes part of the gulf of mexico in the next 20 years!
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It isn't the pic they are showing with the sale data.

I doubt they leave it out front overnight. Maybe on Tuesday I can return the key hahahah and take my Poodle that the lady wanted to see?

IDK I am handicapped and this is really stressful for me. At this point, I don't even believe it was HR but MR... as it didn't dwarf me like when I walk by one at the doctor's office. It was NOT EL.

Your ordered Transit is now showing up on the Plantation Ford website. Trying to see if I can get a actual photo of it. My friend in FL who owns a 2015 T-350 HR 148" EL lives 14 miles from the dealership. If they cannot send me a picture, he will go by and get one and verify the wheelbase since he owns one.
I have pulled the specs online with the sale... it doesn't have the lighted vanity mirrors (2) I ordered and is on the window sticker, it also doesn't have the 10 way heated(listed later heated) seats (2) but it says 2 way driver with lumbar (those won't go together) I ordered.... hmmm I was checking the power seat out when I was interrupted one of those times... I don't see how it has a first row lcd monitor? there's no designator as to which limited slip axle it has... where are the dual heavy duty batteries and the heavy duty alternator I ordered and is on the window sticker?

The van out there somewhere... maybe it was sent some place else with this van's window sticker???

What a mess! I should have had them check the VIN!

Ok I sent them both an email telling them to check the VIN and to order the right window sticker. I'm still ordering with the other dealer regardless... now that I have a mulligan, I'm changing some things anyway. hahaha
Not sure I can get up to the former dealership... have a category 4 Hurricane (Matthew) thinking about coming here... SE FL now in the "cone" of possibility. Cat 4 means evacuate for me... and I may head out by WED am to Naples and drive North depending upon how far west those High pressures push it.

Pray for Haiti. Those poor people don't even have their hospital built from the earthquake as the donated funds were never given to them.
Sending back

Folks I've received the RMA and will be sending the Van Tred back to Real Truck tomorrow before Hurricane Matthew breezes BY (he better go on by and not come for a visit!)

Real Truck is wonderful in their customer charge either way for shipping/handling either!
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