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Anyone have Apple CarPlay yet?

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Does anyone have Apple CarPlay running yet in a Transit?

As I understand it, this will be (or recently has become) an option with the new Sync 3 with navigation system on the 6.5" display, with Sync 3 new for 2016 models. The 2016's have gotten into owner hands. But I haven't yet heard if Sync 3 has CarPlay from the get go. Anyone got it? Anyone with Sync 3 but no CarPlay? Or any direct news from dealers etc?

This is what it looks like in another make:

Essentially a built in iPad, sort of, connected to car audio controls on steering wheel, voice activated if you want, with apps customized for driving ... For some folks it'll be an improved user interface.
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Yes that is the last that I have heard also, the hardware update is believed to be some sort of dongle. My dealer however knows of nothing yet, sure would be nice to have this feature working.
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