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Anyone been to Van Specialties near PDX?

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Been e-mailing with Greg and he said he has a vented window he can put in a high-top Transit for $870 installed. Similar to the one in this Sprinter he said:

Does anyone have any knowledge on this shop? I'm from the bay area but was heading up to Portland in a month or so, so this would be perfect.

Or, does anyone know of any other shops on the West Coast that can source and install a window in a high-top Transit? The only other I know of is Sportsmobile in Fresno, but they're pricey.
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I've been to their shop. There is another member here who has a magnetic metallic transit that had them install a vent window. Currently CRL has not finished their window production for the new transits. So you get a window that is smaller than the stock opening and won't necessarily line up with the lines of the van. It's an aesthetics thing and up to the buyer.

Windows like the ones hat replace factory Windows won't be ready till later, maybe next month.
Jeff, what did they end up charging for the webasto?
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