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Anyone been to Van Specialties near PDX?

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Been e-mailing with Greg and he said he has a vented window he can put in a high-top Transit for $870 installed. Similar to the one in this Sprinter he said:

Does anyone have any knowledge on this shop? I'm from the bay area but was heading up to Portland in a month or so, so this would be perfect.

Or, does anyone know of any other shops on the West Coast that can source and install a window in a high-top Transit? The only other I know of is Sportsmobile in Fresno, but they're pricey.
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I have used van specialties a couple of times. I am happy with their work so far. The first visit they installed a maxair fan, cabin batteries, and a fuse panel. The second visit they installed the Wabasto gasoline heater. Both installations were well done and timely. For smaller jobs, they have been able to fit me into their schedule and complete the work in a day or two.

I live in Portland and, but work in Tualatin, so Van Specialties is very convenient for me. I can drop off my van before work and pick it up in the evening.

It was pretty expensive. I think somewhere around $2K installed with a nice digital thermostat. I looked at adding propane instead, which would have been closer to $1,500 installed. But, I like the idea of having only one fuel source on board. The heater works really well. We've camped in pretty cold temps. (<25 F) in central Oregon and stayed warm and comfortable.
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