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Anybody upgrade there Headlights yet?

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Wondering if anybody has upgraded there Headlights yet? If you did what route did you go? Riding home in the rain tonight the stock system leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Van Safe,
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Woke up the backup lights with some leds on my van. What wave length led headlights did you install?

So I pulled the trigger on a set of LED lights for the high and low beams. And **** what a difference they make. The projection pattern is fairly good since the diode only emits light upward into the reflector, which then radiates out in a general downward pattern.

I just gotta lower the headlight aim a bit to get it back in line with the stock halogens and I'm all set. I'll post pictures when it's all said and done. Overall, having LEDs back and front really gives the van a much crisper appearance.
1 - 2 of 209 Posts
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