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Anybody upgrade there Headlights yet?

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Wondering if anybody has upgraded there Headlights yet? If you did what route did you go? Riding home in the rain tonight the stock system leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks for your answers in advance.

Van Safe,
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Another option is to retrofit the factory headlight housing with a proper HID projector with a Bi-xenon light.

I did this on my 1996 explorer with great success. It looked great and added a huge upgrade in lighting performance over the factory halogen lights. Using proper projectors gives that nice cutoff line like any factory HID lighting. I purchased the parts from

Basically you bake the complete light housing in the oven. Seperate the clear front lense from the rest of the housing. Then install the projector and shroud. Then put it all back. The wiring is no different from any other HID kit which is simple.

I don't have a transit yet but that is the route I was thinking of going unless plug and play LED bulbs are easier/better/cheaper. I haven't researched those yet.
ford99, your explorer headlights look excellent just like stock!

I hope you can show us all how to do that on the Transit van/wagon once you've purchased yours!
Thanks for posting pics!
I am going to do exactly what you've done for sure once I get my wagon, it looks excellent!
I noticed your engine block heater plug exposed, how does it work for you?
Is it worth the extra $75?
Don't forget to get resistors! You need to wire in resistors to simulate the current draw of a halogen bulb.

Does the led website sell the resistors as well or did you go to a different source?
I understand the reason for a resistor, but have no idea how to install, is it more complicated than the directions that come with the resistors or would it be easy to follow the instructions that come with the resistors (if they even are included)?
1 - 3 of 209 Posts
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