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2015 Ford Transit 150 SWB MR 3.7L 6 cyl Flex, 150A alternator
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I wouldn’t build a bed that wasn’t well attached to the van body near the floor and along the walls. Also there is the issue with the side curtain airbags being obstructed by a sleeping platform near the top.

That said, since you don’t want to remove any seats, or fasten anything to the walls, you’ll need a frame with legs to support the sleeping surface. You will need to anchor whatever structure you build to the van body somehow. Perhaps you could anchor the support legs for the platform to the metal framing of the back seats. Since you won’t have the best anchoring (would only be anchored at the bottom) you might consider using 80/20 for the frame - stronger, lighter and more rigid than wood and can be taken apart easier. (Also NOT $2500)

Or you could compromise and install two weight rated bolts in the correct places and get yourself a hammock.

Good luck!

Hello Creative Minds!

We are in need of your fantastic ideas, skills, and knowledge on how to add a raised bed inside our 15 passenger high roof. We are thinking some sort of removable panel system.

THE CHALLENGE: we do not want to add any modifications to the walls of the van and we do not want to remove any of the seats.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.😉
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