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2020 High-Extended AWD EcoBoost Cargo with windows
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Our bed is supported on two 2x2" angle-aluminum pieces riv-nutted to the walls. But our slide-out tray isn't directly bolted down, so the technique might be useful to you. And we used a similar method for a wall-mount bike-repair stand and a variation for holding batteries and our other modular elements in place.

On the garage slide-out, we used the tie-down bolts where they were available in the Sprinter and bolted 1" plywood to them, then used that as the solid link to the slide-out tray between the two sides. It works surprisingly well and we're extended 2-3 feet of "diving board" out the back of the van with just two bolt-down points.

We used a similar method with a piece of 1/4" aluminum plate to mount a bike-repair stand to the rear door. There was no easy way to mount the bike-repair stand without it ripping out the sheet metal of the door; but anchoring a piece of 1/4" aluminum plate to two strong points allowed mounting the stand anywhere else on the plate and it's solid enough to support a couple hundred pounds without the sheet-metal flexing.

It's hard to see/picture but another method we used in the garage and the main area is a floor that is perfectly fitted to the edges of everything it touches. This method holds our batteries from moving, keeps the fridge in place, and keeps the galley from sliding.

Using a combination of these methods with a bed would be super solid if the mounts from the floor-plate (with either heavy-duty plywood or steel plate or aluminum plate) to the uprights are solid. Cheap method (not as solid) would be 2x4s or 4x4s with angle-irons to a 1" plywood floor. Stronger would be all metal. If a plywoord floor were cut to match around wheel-wells and such (another trick we used with battery mounts and other stuff), floor bolts wouldn't even be necessary; it couldn't move unless the van were tipped upside down.

Some photos in here: Keyes Sprinter Van
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