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No rocket science here.

I have a 2017 MR wagon with a bed that extends almost all the way to the rear doors. My bed is mounted too low to allow placing a road bike upright in the "garage". A mountain bike might fit in the "garage" with the seat dropped. The fixed bed can't go higher without compromising headroom in the bed. I made a little wooden bracket with a fork mount and attached it to the rear pillar using an existing bolt hole. This allows the bike to stay inside without impinging on the bed space and makes it so that none of the bedding can get greasy. This also allows me to load and unload the bike without jumping up in the back of the van while wearing bike shoes. The downside is that only one bike can be carried this way. One thing to take into consideration with carrying the bike this way, with the handlebars turned, is that because of the head tube angle, the fork mount cannot be mounted parallel to the floor , but must be angled. You can see that I compensated for this by inserting several fender washers to raise one side of the fork mount. I initially thought that I would also use a rear wheel tray, but the bike seems to be very secure in this position without one. I may rig some sort of strap to go from the rear of the bed to the seat post or seat rails to further secure the bike.

Others have shown road bikes mounted vertically on the rear pillars. The advantage of that method is that two bikes can be carried in this space. I may eventually add two mounts on the rear pillars as well for when I want to carry two bikes. For when I want to carry just one bike, this solution is quick and very easy.


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