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AMA 40" x 15" Half Slider Bunk Windows

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I really like these windows for the driver and passenger bunk windows and I couldn't find many threads discussing them specifically. Lots of info on bonded window installation though.

Has anyone installed them yet? I like that the slider is large and closer to the frame size and that the edges are frameless, matching the factory windows. Any feedback is appreciated.

Here's an example of Sk funvan on IG
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
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I have on for sale.

I installed three other AMA windows. It was a tad terrifying to cut a whole in my new van, but they went in easily and look great.
I really like this 40 x 15 size otherwise I'd take it off your hands. Thanks you for the feedback.
Funny I'm planning on using AMA windows as I like the clean frameless look on the outside.
The cutting of the hole does not worry me so much but the bonding the window to the van does. I keep watching windows about it and just have to get over it. I'm a big time DIY person having rebuilt car, house and doing just about anything I want to do so I should not worry about this.
The frameless look is what i like too. What side windows and where are you planning on placing them?
I have the smaller version installed in my van. One on each side. The issue I could see with the larger version is that the curve of the sheet metal becomes much more of an issue. Window is flat, body panel is curved. Its noticeable on my windows, but only if you are looking. Sure you can bridge the gap with the adhesive but it will be just that much more noticeable. You will see a larger gap on the top and bottom of the window and any messiness of the install will be there for the world to see. The mistake I made with my install was that I got a bit too liberal with the primer and the window didn't fully cover it.
Ahh, that is a good point. What window size did you go with? Did you install center of the bunk area, top of bunk area? Do you have pictures? Good (unfortunate) tip with the primer.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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