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Aluminess rear door bike carrier Yakima highroller

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I preordered these about 4 months ago, finally arrived yesterday. Was hoping I would be able to mount my Yakima Highroller bike rack to it. It's made and comes with parts to mount two one up bike rack to it vertically. I'm not sure if I want to spend almost 600 bucks in additional to buy 2 one up.

I believe these run for 1390 + tax shipped as listed on their website.

Trying to get a local easy no haggle sell for 1100

Otherwise I will just bite the bullet and sell the yakima and buy the one-up

Having said that ...250 for both yakima Highrollers?

Attached stock photos and my high roller test fitted on the rack. Still in bag.

Located in SF/Bay area

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Curious how the rear door carrier works. I heard that the hinges are not designed for carry that additional strain. There also could be no truth to that what so ever.
Agreed, I love the concept and the look. Currently have a 1up 2 bike with their swing arm and its great. Having owned many different bike racks, 1up has been one of the best I've owned. I likely wont need to exit through the rear since I'm installing FlareSpace flares (very soon, just ordered) and bed system. But may reconsider as I use the van more / figure out what my needs are.


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Your 1up with the swing out is also a pricey setup. Are you ever concerned with theft when you're parked at the trail head? That's kinda part of the reason I'm afraid to shell out more money for the tray rack. Seems like anyone can easily unbolt and take away? I also considered getting Flarespace, we're short people though so decided not to.
All connection points have a lock, Other places use a special security key to loosen. I suppose someone could un bolt the trays from the frame, but would not be a quick job and look very suspicious. Here in the PNW seems like everyone has these racks and never heard of that happening to anyone.

The set up is expensive, but 1up racks have great resale value, since there are all machined aluminum. So my thinking was if I ever decide to change anything I can sell or if I ever decide to add the front hitch and winch bumper from Van compass (go full on public transport) and mount the rack there.



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