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Alternatives for using Transit rear AC

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I bought the Ford Transit with the rear AC. I then ducted it to the top of our tall cabinet to provide cooling for our campervan. It does provide enough BTU to cool the van and it is relatively quiet. It requires the van engine to be on to power the compressor. My idea was to use the Ford Pass app to schedule several starts in the evening (say every hour) to keep the van cool. Unfortunately, it will only do one start unless you move the van. So I am looking at several other alternatives:

1. Buy a security system that monitors the van temperature and starts the van automatically to cool down the van.
2. Find a hack to by pass the Ford system to allow for multiple starts at night?
3. Install a compressor and condenser under the van and power it by the house batteries. Disconnect the existing rear AC (fan and evaporator) from the Transit AC system.

So question to the forum members have you tried any of these alternatives and what was your experience? Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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I've seen posts about the Viper system used this way. Seemed like a neat idea.
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