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Air Conditioner output temp not adaquate

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I have a new 2015 For Transit Wagon XLT. When I test the output temp at vent I only get 50 degree air when everything is set on max. I can get the air down to the mid 40's only if the fan is on a max of 2. In all cases it takes an excessive amount of time to get the temp down to those ranges.

I have a Lexus RX 350 and a Cadillac SRX and with in about 2 minutes the vent temperature is in the mid 30's.

I brought the van in and had them service the air conditioner. They did an evac, recharge, and checked for leaks and found none. Although there was a slight improvement it was only a couple of degrees difference. Does anyone have the same problem? What is you vent output temperature? Can any one give me guidance as to what might be wrong?:(
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star gazer,

Wonder if it is the fact that cold air settles downward, so direct it upwards to cool the entire area?

Semper Fi
Naw -- I think it's more like, the vent designer didn't realize the vents would be placed at such an angle on the dash.
Because it works.
I don't think so. You've kind of got tunnel vision on your own favorite mods. I DO accept that your floor vent would work well, when parked. But, the question is about effectiveness of AC, which, generally, implies driving. I don't think anyone is going to be happy driving down the road with a floor vent open.
This is a update to my air conditioning problem. I brought the van back to the dealer and they check it out again. They said the coolant has not leaked out so no leak. They agree that the vent temperature is not right. It should be really around 40 degrees at the vent. They are stumped as to what might be wrong. They said they have contacted Ford to get a resolution.
As the weather and humidity have gotten more extreme here in the South, I began to wonder if my AC was working to capacity. I took it in to the dealer to check. The tech had a remote sensing thermometer. By searching around carefully in the center vent, he was able to get a reading of 30 degrees. It was interesting that by aiming the thermometer just a few millimeters one way or another, the reading would vary by, maybe 5 degrees. This was with AC on Max, fan at 3, and ambient temp of 78 degrees. Not sure if reading would be different, on a hot day. Anyway, I was assured that the output was as good as it gets.

I had had a different problem that stumped the dealer techs. When they went to Ford for advice, they finally did nail the problem. As long as your guys are diligent about getting help from Ford, they'll probably get it worked out.
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