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Aftermarket guages

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Has anyone looked into aftermark but OEM looking gauges for Volts, Oil Press, and/or Boost? My message center was the cheapest option with CD player and those digital guages are not present. It's probably just the aviator in me, but I prefer guages to warning lights as to when the warning light illuminates, it's usually too late!
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I also have a ScanGauge. (Two now, actually.) Have had one on my S10 for years, recently bought another for the Transit (for now it's in my NV200 work van). It's text-only, a very no-frills display, which suits me fine. There is also the UltraGauge which does basically the same thing but has a fancier graphical display, I might have tried it except I didn't like the blue display on it. The ScanGauge backlight can be set to any color you want, has RGB LEDs.

It doesn't look like the OEM stuff, but it's pretty compact so can be tucked into an inconspicuous spot though I put the one in my S10 up on the dash with some velcro so I could easily see it without looking away from the road. It's done reasonably well there although the LCD display does get quite dark if left in full sun in summertime.

It comes with a fairly complete list of standard items already configured (not all vehicles have all items) but some like transmission fluid temp need to be programmed in, I've found on the F150 forums that trans temp is available so I'm hoping it will be on the Transit too. I was surprised to find oil pressure is NOT a standard item, that one you'd probably have to add a sensor and dedicated gauge for.
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