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After Factory Ford Parts

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Why are factory installed options not available after delivery? It doesn't make sense that there are boxes of parts in the Kansas City plant that can not be made available to the public. Remote start, security, navigation or radio double din dash trim, auto headlights, etc

When I call the dealership it's either "we can add an aftermarket part installed by a third party which is not the factory part" or "that feature is not available for your vehicle".

To the first response, "I don't want a third party part installed by a third party contractor which is not the factory part", and to the second response, "so you're telling me that the factory ordered parts aren't really physical parts? What are they, fairy dust?"

I am pissed at Ford that these parts are unavailable and I can't add these items without possibly voiding my warranty. What a joke. Move into the 21st century.
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New rollout with plenty of existing problems, without also compounding the mess with OEM parts installed by dealers at this time.

Your anger is misplaced IMO.
Jimmy Carr

Some of the factory options are available to the Ford dealer and some are purchased by Ford from a vendor who has a contract with Ford. Because of the new roll out on the Transit, there are not many of the parts available via the dealer parts department. To get some of these parts, they have to have a vehicle that has the part on it and has been declared a problem part. Then they order it as UNIT DOWN or CRITICAL and that part comes from the production plant to the dealer.

In some cases, the aftermarket part is made by the same company that supplies Ford, but cannot use their name on the part. That same part may go to Ford Parts Division and get a special instructions decal added, then placed in a Ford labeled box. You may never know that the Ford part IS THE SAME as the aftermarket unless you had both together to compare.

What items are you trying to order? Remote start via Ford is even delayed at the factory level as the vendor cannot supply enough parts for the demand at the current level. The security, navigation, and auto dimming headlamps require special wiring harness' not currently in your vehicle in most cases. Those part numbers for the wiring is available as a CRITICAL ORDER if you do not have the option currently on your Transit. Getting the factory option AFTER the build usually gets double or triple price from ordering it on the vehicle.

Just like my friend in Florida who ordered(CRITICAL) the vinyl mat for his Extended Transit.....over $1000 for the mat that came from the plant in the vendor crate!
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Still waiting for my rear floor to come in. May be time to start pressing the issue a little.
star gazer

If you have the dealer order it CRITICAL you will get it. May have to pay a extra fee to get it. ASK!!
Just checked and it arrived yesterday. Hopefully get it installed next week sometime.

Just talked to the service dept to schedule install. Heck I am too anal to let them do it so will pick it up and do it myself this weekend. Has to be trimmed around the rear AC so want it done right.
Does anyone know a source for the D-rings mounted on the floor of my van?

EDIT: Oh dang... Just saw the parts needed thread. Sorry about that chief!
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