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went to the Glue Store wednesday--->/<---

Glue store I go to is -- RS Hughes --!4414!3!66285918169!e!!g!!rs%20hughes&ef_id=VXz5iAAAAdlvMxm-:20151129212647:s

RS Hughes carries All kinds of Adhesives -Hot glues-
Tapes -Velcro -fastening type stuff- NO Bolts/screws -

They sell a Lot of special glues for High Tech -Industrial-
High temp/ waterproof/Sign/displays- movie sets -
many Specialty type things -


The joint between Interior wall bracing and Outer van skin
has a Sound Deadening Foam squirted in these joints -

This foam has basically ZERO strength --
I barely pulled on the interior steel wall bracing
and heard a Snap and bracing became Loose --

Looked on other side of van and this same
joint had Also Failed and I had not pulled on it yet-

So went to Glue store and showed them what
the problem was and Jon said he had just what I need -

This 3M #560 - Polyurethane Adhesive/Sealant -

#560 is rated at 580 psi at failure -
Flexible -300% at failure
Operating temp -40 to 190F -
Has some sound deadening qualities -

$11 per tube --

So Im going to remove Most if not All of the
foam in the inner to outer skin joints and
put the #560 in its place --

The joint that failed is where the folding
bed bracket is going to be mounted -

Going to add further bracing in bed mount area-
but have not designed yet -

Also 3M makes spray adhesive to bond Foam
insulation to whatever #78 --

#80 May be for rubber type stuff - not sure-
further reading needed -

Joint failure area picts -
Look and see what shape yours is in ---><---


This roof brace is 95% missed -

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