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Adhesive Pads on Ceiling

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Anyone know the use for the 3 adhesive pads on the interior ceiling of cargo van mid roof just behind slider? Thanks!
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Sound deadening. The pads reduce resonance.
My van has three on the ceiling and two on each rear wall. They appear to be asphalt based pads which I think is what the original Dynamat products where made from. The front doors also have small triangle shaped pads that are butyl instead of asphalt and aren't much bigger than a Dorito chip. Butyl caulk or tape is also what's used to secure the plastic dust shields inside the doors.

The pads work on the premise that securing to even a small area on a body panel can greatly reduce the resonance which makes the vehicle quieter. You can test the effect yourself by tapping on a panel without the pad and then tapping on a panel that includes one.

The Sprinter vans I've seen use a lot more and basically have a pad stuck to every section of the roof.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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