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Additional Bucket Seat(s) in Cargo Van?

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Looking at the seat layout of the Passenger Wagon version, I see that it can contain a single bucket seat in the third row end. Does anyone know if I can buy and install the additional bucket seat in the cargo version in the same location?

I need a seat for an additional 3rd passenger but buying the extra bench seat will not work because I need to leave the center of the van open for long cargo. So I need to add an additional 3rd bucket seat. Adding a 4th would be even better.

I hear there may be new seating options for 2016 but that hasn't been confirmed.

Thank you in advance for any help with this. I am excited about joining the Transit community.
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does anyone know whether, even with the right brackets, the passenger benches or solo seat can be installed in a cargo van? in the sprinter, the threaded holes in the van frame to which the brackets are attached are missing in the cargo vans -- so even if you cut through the floor to install the brackets, there's nothing to bolt them to. the passenger and cargo van frames are built differently. (the crew van frame is like the passenger frame, and has the required mount points.)

like the OP, i'm interested in adding (in my case) a two person bench to a cargo van. if it were feasible to add the OEM seats i might try that. but it might be easier to figure out how to securely mount airline-grade L-track, and then securely mount an OEM bench (possibly not from a transit) to that L-track. (picture a lot of hand-waving going on here.)
I am using the Ford OEM rails...they just bolt through the floor. I will use a captive nut arrangement (similar to what Ford does) so I can pop the rails out if I need a perfectly flat floor for some reason..just unclip seats, zip out bolts holding rails down, remove rails, zip bolts back in to seal holes.
oh, that's interesting -- i've only ever seen vans like the sprinter, or my old chevy sportvan, where the seat mounts are inset into the floor. you're saying that on the transit the mounts sit on top of the floor? how does ford reinforce the floor in those areas?

thanks for picture. so they're getting the strength from the frame, not just the floor. that makes sense.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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