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Added Overhead DVD, Speakers, Sound deadening, and USB charger port.

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While I am waiting for seat installation to be fixed by another company. I did some upgrades to the Transit.

-Changed out Factory Speakers and added sound deadening. Sound deadened all sides in the rear, sliding door, floor, and roof.
- Installed 2 overhead monitors with DVD player
- Installed USB charging port. This actually was a perfect fit in the factory 12V socket.


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Looks nice. Where'd you get the usb charging port? I want to add tweeters up front. Did you do them? Just wondering if the wiring is there when you get the base am fm stereo.
Thanks hawkeng. Please let me know if you see the wires from the door speakers to the tweeter locations cause I pulled the a pillar off a little and it kinda looks like they are there already. I couldn't get the pillars off all the way to see but I may give it another shot this weekend cause I want to do components as well.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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