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Added Overhead DVD, Speakers, Sound deadening, and USB charger port.

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While I am waiting for seat installation to be fixed by another company. I did some upgrades to the Transit.

-Changed out Factory Speakers and added sound deadening. Sound deadened all sides in the rear, sliding door, floor, and roof.
- Installed 2 overhead monitors with DVD player
- Installed USB charging port. This actually was a perfect fit in the factory 12V socket.


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We bought ours with the interior trim so the sides are finished. What are people using to insulate the roof?
I purchased the sanme port and installed it today. You can pop the bezel right out with a screw driver. There is a one piece connector but if you break it off you can reuse the same connectors. The center terminal in a 12V plug is + and + is marked on the new connector.
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